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Books for the World

Imagine trying to teach without any books for yourself or your students. Mercer Island Rotarians have joined with Rotary District 5030 and District 9300 to collect and send books to Southern and Eastern Africa. Many of the Southern African countries are relatively new countries. Their economies are struggling to absorb over 10 million refugees from the north. The South African Rotarians are trying to help not only the schools in South Africa but to assist areas of great need in Southern and Eastern Africa. The Books for the World Project has distributed books to qualified institutions for over a decade now. 

More than 6 million books have been distributed.

Why is there such a demand for books? The governments of Southern Africa cannot yet underwrite the costs of all the books needed for the rapidly growing public and private school systems. Many countries in Africa do not offer public education to all their youth. Poverty rules in these countries. Without educating their youth, they will not be able to grow a work force that can feed their people and poverty will continue to rule. Where poverty rules hate also rules. The Rotary Clubs in the USA and South Africa are addressing the needs of the impoverished schools and libraries for books and other educational materials which assist both our literacy and peace initiatives.