Mercer Island Rotary Club

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Senior Care

Mercer Island Rotarian volunteers deliver nutritious and delicious frozen meals through Meals on Wheels in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation department. They deliver meals twice each month to between 4 and 10 people each time. Mercer Island Rotary has been involved for about 10 years and some of our Rotarians have been there since the very beginning.

Our Rotarians make it easy for the homebound elderly to eat well and remain independent. The meals are packaged to be heated in a microwave or conventional oven—giving people the freedom to make a hot meal in just minutes without the hassle of grocery shopping or worrying about the nutritional value of their food.

These Rotary volunteers put care into their work: they know each customer by name and provide not only nutrition, but also a social connection. For some, these Rotarians are the only people they see, and they look forward to their deliveries.